Has your “mean voice” sabotaged your self-confidence and all your dreams for years?

Are you unable to think clearly about what your dream life or job could be because you spend your time people pleasing rather than asking yourself what you really want? I mean, really-REALLY.

Are you feeling disconnected from yourself? Moving, eating, thinking on autopilot?

No more hiding or playing small! You are at the right place if you are ready to DESIGN A PLAN so that you can dare to live the life of your dreams

* I am specialized in the following areas. (Certified Life coach, Yoga teacher, Personal trainer + personal experience.)

Ready to set actions to build, shape and nurture your self-love/esteem/confidence ? (and nope it’s not selfish beautiful!)

  • Recognize your self-sabotaging behavior in order to stop it and finally become your best friend!
  • Be truly YOU in your life freeing yourself of the judgments and expectations of others so that you no longer need to pretend to be someone you’re not.
  • Love yourself and have a positive body image, accepting that things like fitting into a certain size will not make you happy. You already know it is so much deeper.
  • Enjoy moving more to feel fully alive and more vibrant than ever!
  • Make peace with food, learning to eat healthy & yummy (always!) so that you feel nourished and well

Understand the importance of filling your cup first thanks to self-care, reconnecting with your body, heart and mind. The better you take care of yourself, the better you can take care of others!

  • Delve into your limiting beliefs, fears, and people-pleasing behaviours that are tackling you from moving forward.
  • Together, we will analyse your organization & time management so that you don’t miss the point in your life.
  • Create your happiness routine by finding the activities that make you feel good.
  • Be more connected to yourself than ever, body/heart/mind through simple & powerful yoga exercises (meditation, breathing & postures).
  • Discover techniques and exercises to illuminate your daily life.

You don’t know what you are passionate about? You feel blocked because you think about what your friends and family will think if you pursue something different. But All you know is that you want to do something different. And then you wonder « Can I really have a job that I actually love? Isn’t a job just a job? »

  • Think clearly and get to know yourself deeply to own your ‘onlyness’ and the qualities that set you apart.
  • Explores different paths by being curious and inspiring your creativity with powerful exercises.
  • Create the action plan that will help you reach your goal step by step.
  • Live a life aligned with your worth, so that you can bounce out of bed every day with excitement!


If you found yourself nodding yes and felt your heart expanding when you were reading, it’s simple: you’re here because you have to take action. That’s where I bring good news.

I am an empowerment & confidence coach, and through my coaching series, I help women unlock who they TRULY are by reconnecting with their body, heart and mind so that they are bursting with confidence, and creating a life they LOVE!

My coaching style

Thanks to my Life coaching, Personal trainer and Yoga teacher skills & experiences, my coaching style is unique because it’s a commitment to work inside out. Life and health coaching complement each other perfectly. 

Your mind and your body have to be strongly connected to your heart to think clearly and feel empowered. So, very often, we start exploring the best solutions for you to:

  • Take time for yourself and design your healthy and happy self-care routine.
  • Move to feel alive, to breathe and be in the present moment. It can be yoga, fitness, running, dancing, walk in nature, swimming, as long as you are moving, it is perfect!
  • Nourish your body with healthy food. I will share with you delicious alternatives.
  • Cherish your heart with kind thoughts, rebuilding your self-love, self-esteem and self-confidence, all of that yes!

My journey started with this kind of actions 10 years ago and it changed my entire life, health and career (you can read my journey hereso, I know how powerful it could be. We will find your perfect match of course because we both know that no two people are the same. Everybody has to create its own happy routine. 

It will allow creating space for your self-actualisation and set up inspired actions towards a life aligned with your “ikigaï”: a Japanese concept meaning “a reason for being”. 

An amazing journey into discovering your powerful true-self.

My 3-month “Empowerment & confidence” coaching program includes:

  • A questionnaire that will shake you up (constructively) with powerful questions. An essential basis for our series together.
  • 6×60 minute Skype or phone sessions, fortnightly over 12 weeks, to set actions and move towards your goals.
  • Email support between sessions + Voxer (vocal messages). It is an important component of the coaching series. I will be there to help you move from feeling stuck to being in full motion again; and also to celebrate your triumphs between each session!
  • Worksheets, resources and personalised tools that have been designed to meet your individual needs.

Make the investment in you

299 € per month for three months or you can pay upfront and get a 5% discount (AUD 852€).

Are you ready to feel fully alive? I only work with a small number of clients at one time so that we can deeply focus on moving you forward into a life that makes you feel vibrant, healthy and fulfilled. What are you waiting for Beautiful? Let’s chat and see if coaching is right for you. 

Apply to work with me today. I would love to hear from you. 

*No worries, booking this call is not a commitment to go further and it is free. 

If you say yes to this journey, get ready to live one of the most amazing experiences in your life. I will be there all the way to help you turn your doubts into confidence, your fears into boldness and your dreams into a reality. Investing in yourself is the most valuable investment you will ever make.

You’re worth it. Give yourself permission! DARE!

Confidence shot – 1 consultation

It’s a very special session for you my Beautiful who are struggling with something super specific. This session is perfect if you:

  • Need that extra little bit of inspiration, motivation and encouragement to get you back on track with your current goals.

  • Are struggling to make a decision that keeps popping up and you are so ready to move forward (but fear has decided to join the party!) 

It includes:

  • A questionnaire that will shake you up (constructively) with powerful questions. An essential basis for our session.
  • 1 x 60 minute Skype or phone session, to unlock your situation and give you the boost to move forward in your life. 
  • 1 x 30 minute follow up coaching 2 weeks later
  • Email support + Voxer (vocal messages) during 2 weeks. It is an important component of the coaching series. 
  • Worksheets, resources and personalised tools that have been designed to meet your individual needs.

AUD $333/session.

Apply to work with me today. I would love to hear from you. 

*No worries, booking this call is not a commitment to go further and it is free. 


Leona changed my life. In 3 months of working with Leona, I cannot believe the difference.

The girl I was at the start of the series was a girl with disordered eating habits, unhealthily low body weight, I had lost my period for six months. I hated my body and had zero confidence. I was anxious, lost, I hated my job but had no clue what I wanted to do.

In 3 months of working with Leona, I cannot believe the difference.

I have rediscovered my love of food, cooking and baking, I no longer worry about counting calories, I don’t obsess over what I eat and truly enjoy my food. I have gained weight, and I am no longer negative to my body. I speak kindly to it and have learned to appreciate the amazing system that it is. She has helped me realise my talents and skills and has taught me how to celebrate my unique beauty. Through the help of Leona, I have discovered a new love of yoga and meditation. My anxiety is hardly present and when it does surface, she has given me the tips and tools to be able to dial down the inner mean voice and overrule it. I have realised my passion in life is nutrition and writing, I have recently submitted a couple of articles to my favourite magazine and am enrolling on a course to become a Health and Nutrition Coach. I have even started my own blog!

I cannot put into words how much of a transition I have been through, Leona has helped by giving me small achievable tasks that have helped me uncover so much about myself. She was always there when I needed her, she was there to celebrate achievements with me and was there to offer advice when I was struggling. She told me the answers are already within me, I didn’t believe her until I started working with her.

Through working with Leona I am confident, I love my body, I have a healthy relationship with food, I know what I want to do as a career and I do not believe it was coincidental that the day after my life coach series ended, I got my period!!!!!!

If any of you out there are a bit like I was and in need of some direction and support, Leona is the person for you. In Leona I not only found inspiration and support, I also found a connection and a friend for life ❤️



Leona had helped me move forwards with unhealthy habits I’ve been working through for years.

I’m so deeply grateful and awestruck but how much she’s empowered me to grow and let go!

Leona’s style is a perfect balance between unwavering encouragement and support, yet she doesn’t let me get away with any “bs” and always pushes me to go an extra mile, because she knows I can! Her generousity of spirit and belief in me as a person has in turn helped me to have more confidence and push me closer to my goals.

I’ve always looked forward to our sessions – slights up my computer screen with her gigantic smile. Leona is an incredible coach.


I accept myself for who I am and, above all I’am finally EMPOWERED AND CONFIDENT! 

I never thought I was attractive despite the 30 kilos I’ve lost. When I was looking in the mirror, I always felt a deep repulsion and thought I was useless, unimportant, a zero. But I tried to keep up apparences, smiling and I’ve been a people pleaser all my life. 

I’ve been following Fit Your Dreams for years thinking “Maybe a coaching could help me”. I’ve tried psychotherapy, talk to close friends, read personal growth books but nothing changed. One day, I sent an email to Leona to ask her advice and information. She told me that I sent her the same SOS THREE YEARS AGO. I had to do something, it was a sign. My life hadn’t changed the last 3 years, it even got worse. 

Leona has been amazing, a real booster. She uplifted me, guided me and allow me to got answers I thought I would never have. During the coaching series, I looked forward to each session with a lot of excitement!

Today, I feel like a complete woman. I learned to accept myself and love myself. And you can too with Leona.


I I understood who I TRULY am and I discovered my value.

Before the coaching series, I was exhausted, anxious, sad and I retreated inside myself.
I hated my body, my way of being and thinking. I was a people pleaser and I didn’t know who I was. I’ve been my worst enemy for 36 years. I wasn’t living my life, life was happening to me.

Leona knew how to make me feel comfortable with her kindness. It was like I’ve always knew her, like a friend. She always understood me and saw my potential, “my spark” like she says. Through our work together, I finally understood who I was and I discovered my value.

Today, I believe in myself. I know what I want and what I doesn’t want anymore. I am empowered and I love myself with my curves, my wounds, my qualities and my flaws. I take care of myself. And above all, I am not a people pleaser anymore. I have to maintain this beautiful energy within me. I have all the tools to do so thanks to Leona. Sometimes, I like to think she’s been like my guardian angel.  


Leona revealed the light within me.

Before working with Leona, I was disconnected, feeling just right on the edge. Life was going too fast. I was exhausted physically and mentally. I didn’t recognize myself anymore, something was wrong. Everyday it was the same scenario but I couldn’t find a solution. I can say it today : it scared me. 

Leona has this special positive energy and I felt drawn toward her. Vibrant, amazing listener, clear, she immediately made me feel good. We talked a lot about my goals to make them super clear and aligned with myself and the coaching started.

Today, I know how to manage my time and I’m not overwhelmed anymore. I learnt how to love myself and I feel more and more empowered. I understood that I needed to fill my cup first to spend quality time with my family. So, now I take the time to do things I love: writing, decorating or doing sport. I made peace with food and I know how to choose healthy and delicious alternatives. 

Leona revealed the light within me. It’s time for me to keep going with all the tools she gave me. It’s the best investment I ever made.


Working and studying at the same time can be overwhelmed. I wasn’t motivated enough to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Results: I put on weight, I was stressed, exhausted and I wasn’t confident at all. It was time for me to ask for professional help. 

Leona inspires happiness, balance and kindness, breathing her positive aura. She quickly made me feel safe and good, I could share all my thoughts with her. She guided and boosted me to take care of myself thanks to her simple, efficient and practical exercises for the daily life.

I lost weight thanks to a new healthy lifestyle 100 % aligned with myself and my pace of life. I feel free from the judgement of others,  empowered and finally legitimate to work in a field I always dreamt to work for. I got my first (dream) job and will start feeling totally confident. A BIG thank you Leona !


I trust her one day in my life and everything changed. Leona is an amazing life coach!

Leona proves to you that you can trust yourself. She helps you to connect with your body and your heart to find a balance in your life, and you start blossoming. It is magical! Thanks to our coaching series, I move more (with gratitude!), I made peace with food, I am confident, and I love my body (I would never have believed that possible!). Plus, I opened my eyes. I’ve changed my life, left my job, and I am creating a business and a life I love! 


I was totally lost and today I feel fulfilled and I am creating a life I LOVE.

Before my coaching series, I was totally disconnected from my body. After giving birth, my emotions were often taking over and I wasn’t able to know what I wanted. I was taking care of everybody except myself. My self-confidence didn’t really exist. I was exhausted. I tried to change but my motivation didn’t’ last more than one week. My mean voice destroyed everything screaming that I will not achieve my goals, so I gave up every time.

Then, I discovered Leona, a bubbly woman, always positive, and her journey was a true inspiration. I wanted her to be my coach and transform my life!

Through our coaching series, Leona helped me change my mindset and I became more and more confident. She always found the best way to encourage and empower meI understood that I needed to listen to my deep desires. She helped me realize that I could create a life I LOVE if I made the efforts towards my goals.

Today, I make peace with my past, I enjoy the present moment and I am building my new life: I took the leap and I am setting up my career transition, I am going to move in a new region, I finally listen to myself and know that I need to fill my cup first to take care of my loved ones and spend quality time with them.

I am so grateful for how my life is amazing right now. Thank you Leona. I was totally lost and today I feel fulfilled and I am creating a life I love.


With Leona’s help, I have started to learn self-love and I’ve pushed past my emotional and physical limits. 

I met Leona at a turning point in my life. I explained to her I wanted to have a healthier life and our coaching series has been ideal. I didn’t expect that. Leona really listened to me and she knew how to make me comfortable. She has always been very reactive. She turned my fears into confidence a lot of time, and she was there for my triumphs as well! She is so enthusiastic, you can’t stay in a bad mood when you have a session with her. I  moved forward to a positive and healthy life. I am very proud of my journey and it is just a beginning!


Leona is amazing, our coaching series changed everything!

Through our coaching series, I totally CHANGED my life! How? I learnt how to take care of myself, love myself and nourish my body with healthy food (she has a lot of delicious alternatives to share), and…”healthy” thoughts. I became kinder to myself and I lived the most amazing a-ha moments of my life. I opened my eyes. I’ve not been happy at work for years. It was destroying me, so I decided to quit and find something else. With Leona, everything is possible. Her coaching series is really magical. This experience changed everything. The secret to transforming my life? Being committed and having chosen the right coach. Leona will help you to become the best version of yourself and create your dream life.


Leona’s support has been even more than I could imagine.

One day, I decided to become my priority and feel confident. I wanted my dream to become a reality, my reality, so I started the Empowerment & confidence coaching. Every day, Leona was there for me, she helped me to uncover what I really wanted in my life. She turned my doubts into confidence; she supported me when I had difficult choices to make and celebrated my triumphs. A strong support which allows me to keep going every day towards a healthier life adapted to who I am and who I wanted to become. (Besides, I lost 17 kilos thanks to the support offered by Leona, but it is almost a detail.)

This is just the beginning of my new life. Thank you, Leona, really, thank you for everything.


«Three years ago, we started to develop projects with Fit Your Dreams and we love working with Leona because we have the same passion: motivate women to live a healthy and happiest life possible.

Leona is a really big-hearted inspiration; her strength is to motivate you to act for your happiness. You will not even realize it! She is a pillar, an unwavering support, always there for her clients and readers. By working with Leona or reading her words, you will feel this wave of positive energy which breathes you a revival, motivates you and stimulates you to create a life you love! »


CEO , Lorna Jane France