Since you started yoga, you always dreamed about a retreat to delve into it at 100 % ?

YOGA means « connect ». Praticing yoga allow to balance and connect all the aspects of yourself : emotions, mind, spirit; to have an harmonious life. Choosing a yoga retreat is sacred and could change your life. 

Several criterias are important to make the good choice.

  • The place

First question: do you need to get away? Mountain, countryside or waterfront? What weather do you enjoy? 

  • Le programme et les professeurs

What’s the schedule? Are you going to practice one type of yoga or try a couple of different styles?

If you are a beginner, it’s always great to try different styles to find the one which will resonate in yourself. 

  • Comfort

Are you more luxury or authentic experiences ?

  • Food

Usually, retreats are vegetarian or vegan. The opportunity for you to try new recipes and detox your body.

  • Other yogi’s reviews

It’s always reassuring to read reviews to be sure that the retreat will be aligned with your values.

These tips are quite obvious, I know. But I wanted to insist on the last point. It will make all the difference: your intuition.

What do you want to live exactly during this yoga retreat? Be connected to yourself and answer this question.

To me, Shanti Toya has been a real BIG crush.

  • Because I was looking for a place to step back and refocus.

Because I was looking for a place to step back and refocus.
The first time we went there with Warren, we were living our road trip all around Australia and we needed a pause. A lot of unexpected events had happened. I could have died because of a toxic choc syndrome when we arrived, we worked 4 months in a farm to get our second-year visa, we broke down in the middle of the desert and had been stuck during 10 days, jellyfishes burns, punctured tyres and other surprises. We needed to go to a place to process all the lessons that the life already gave us.

And even if you are not in the middle of a road trip, I know that life can be tough. So if you feel that you need to disconnect and take time for yourself, accept it. It’s totally healthy to seek a balanced life.

  • Because the yoga call was stronger and stronger

I was already practising yoga but not regularly. I need to dive into it at 100 %, discover different styles and let go to connect to my spirituality.

1h30 yoga classes every morning and evening, activities to discover the local life. The schedule was really perfect. A balance between yoga, discovery (of myself and local culture) and rest.

Have a look at this video. A sun salutation practised in different Ashram’s spots (yoga shala, swimming pool and my bedroom).

  • Because the team working in the ashram is 100 % indonesian and it was really important to me to be in an authentic place. We shared lots of smiles & laughs and we created very strong bonds.
  • Because… the sacred spring water swimming pool, the fresh coconut every day, the discovery of the Balinese culture, the relaxing moments which allowed me to rest and get back on track with a lot of energy.
  • Because… we met amazing people and will never forget them.

You can watch our vlog, it’s our balinese experience in 2017

My first yoga retreat has been a life-changing experience. I met very dear persons who will be in my heart forever. I lived heart-centred experiences I can’t really describe. It has been so amazing and powerful that I came back to the Ashram one year later to become a yoga teacher.

If my words resonate in your heart and you already imagine yourself in Bali, practising yoga in the middle of the jungle. Know that there are 2 yoga retreat options in Shanti Toya:

  • 1-week Yoga and Wellness retreat You will have two daily yoga practices, relaxing afternoons to enjoy the ashram, and free time to join cultural classes or venture to other areas on the Island of the Gods, Bali. The ashram is located only half an hour from the beach, giving you the chance to also rejuvenate in the beautiful beaches of Bali.
  • 1-week Establish Your Own Yoga Practice Retreat : if you want to know more about yoga, alignment of postures, and sequencing and if you want to come back home with your own practice of Hatha/ Vinyasa yoga which will enable you to practice as often as you want and to build your practice at your own pace.

Click on the links to know everything. And don’t forget to use the code FITYOURDREAMS when you book to get a special gift !